Hunting abroad

Enjoy with us dreamy landscapes, cultures different from ours, food that captivate your senses and make you discover new flavours. Moreover, you may get the trophee you crave. Choose the country you want to visit, the animals you want to take down and we manage the rest.


 We mainly hunt outside Kimberley. The area available to hunt the lion is Kalahari; to hunt the hippo and the crocodile is Mpumalanga. Besides, a new area is available in Limpopo.


We have the best hunting areas in Bulgaria to hunt species such as the capercaillie, the chamois, the ibex, the wild boar, the wolf, etc.

Czech Republic


It is one of the most beautiful areas to enjoy the hunting of the roe deer and superb example.


Come to Argentina to enjoy days of lots of powder and detonations. All accompanied by good food, drink and friends.

© Rafa Sanz