We are a group of experts of the hunting sector, who try to provide their customers a close and friendly treatment. That way we make them feel at home and enjoy their games and their hunting day to the fullest.

Octavio Fernández Ruiz
Founder, professional hunter and taxidermist

He is a nature and hunting lover since his childhood. He knows all the different kinds of hunting species and their customs like the palm of his hand. He is the customers’ main guide.

Octavio Fernández
Taxidermist, naturalist and hunter

He is a falconer with more than 30 years of experience in the taxidermy sector. He is a nature lover and one of the best taxidermists in Spain, something that can be seen in his works.

Almudena de la Cruz 
Colaboradora directa
en ventas y RRPP

She is a direct partner in sales and public relations. She is our public relations manager for special events and fairs.

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